3-Ply Surgical Masks
MOQ: 1,000,000 pieces
$0.66 per piece
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The 3-Ply Surgical Mask can be used for infection control, as it provides barrier protection against large-particle droplets. It is used primarily to protect patients and healthcare workers from people who may have a respiratory infection or to protect sterilized or disinfected medical devices. 


  • Color: various colors, including colors not pictured

  • FDA 501(k) Clearance: K182515

  • FDA Regulation Number: 878.4040

  • FDA Registered Establishment Number: 3013006775

  • FDA Owner/Operator Number: 10050831

  • Filter Efficiency: protection against large-particle droplets

  • Liquid-repellent

  • Stable nose clip for a tight seal around the nose

  • Elastic, latex-free ear loops

  • Disposable, single-use only

  • Vendor: Ting Ting Enterprises

  • Made in China


Shipping & Returns

  • Free shipping by sea freight

  • Make-to-order supply chain

  • Delivery within 18 to 28 days

  • For the health and safety of our customers, Superomask does not offer return or exchange of masks.

  • Orders cannot be canceled once in production.


Packaging Quantity

50 masks per box

Minimum Order Quantity

1,000,000 masks at $660,000

($0.66 per mask)

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