• Make a bold entrance with a bicolor antibac Superomask. Be unforgettable.



    • Silver+ ion technology for antibacterial protection and freshness
    • Protection against bacteria, droplets, dust, smog, pollen, and mold
    • Soft and lightweight fabric to sculpt, smooth, and contour your cheeks and chin for a superior fit
    • Nose bridge bends to fit face shape and prevent gaps
    • Exceptionally comfortable ear loops for daily wear
    • Space in front of your mouth for easy talking 
    • Easy breathability
    • Waterproof
    • Quick moisture-wicking
    • Fast drying
    • UV protection: UV-B and UV-A blocking
    • Reusable, washable, and sustainable
    • Care: Hand wash. Line dry.
    • Precision cut by computer numerical control
    • Designed, precision cut, and handcrafted in Atlanta


    Color: Red

    • Fabric Type: Creora double-faced ponte jersey
    • Character: Double cloth (2-layer construction)
    • Content: 92% polyester, 8% polyurethane


    Color: Black / Light Gray / Dark Gray Pinstripe

    • Fabric Type: Neoprene scuba
    • Content: 92% polyester, 6% polyurethane, 2% nylon



    Take the measurement from the top of your nose bridge to the back of your ear.


    Small (14 cm)

    Medium (15 cm)

    Large (16 cm)

    Extra Large (17 cm)

    Extra Extra Large (18 cm)


    Shipping & Returns

    • Ships within 1-3 business days
    • Free local pickup is available in Atlanta only
    • For the health and safety of our customers, Superomask does not offer return or exchange of masks


    CDC Guidance

    COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Evidence shows these droplets usually travel around 6 feet. The CDC recommends that people older than 2 years of age wear cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, as cloth face coverings provide an extra layer to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling in the air and onto other people. A cloth face covering may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading coronavirus to others. 



    • Superomask LLC makes no warranties, either express or implied, that the mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.
    • Antibac Superomask does not contain the PM 2.5 filter, which filters particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns. Superomask chose not to integrate PM 2.5 filters into its product design of the antibac Superomask, because the PM 2.5 filters cannot filter the respiratory droplets containing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is 0.1 micron in diameter.
    • SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19 disease.
    • Antibac Superomask is not PPE and not appropriate substitutes for PPE such as respirators (N95 or KN95) or surgical face masks in healthcare settings.

    Bespoke Bicolor Antibac Mask | 1 piece

    Fabric Color 1
    Fabric Color 2
    Thread Color

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