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The Kimberly Clark KIMTECH N95 Pouch Respirator Mask provides powerful respiratory protection in critical environments against infectious disease transmission via certain airborne particles, including bacteria, non-oil aerosol particulate matter, large droplets, and dust. For maximum protection following CDC guidance, do not touch the front of the respirator when removing it.



  • Manufacturer: Kimberly Clark

  • Product Code: 53358 Respirator with pouch

  • NIOSH certified as N95 particulate filter respirators: TC-84A-9042

  • Color: White

  • Disposable

  • Single use only

  • Inner Facing: comfortable propylene lining

  • Outer Facing: clean and durable bicomponent material

  • Filter Media: two layers of electrostatically treated meltblown filter media

  • Flat pouch style breathing chamber for added comfort

  • Headband made of polypropylene elastomer wire weave material

  • Adjustable nose wire tie

  • Secure fit with tight facial seal 

  • Filter Type: Non-Medical N95

  • Performance Standard: 95% filtration efficiency for 0.3 micron particles

  • Not oil resistant

  • Not for medical use

  • Upper temperature limit: 25ºC

  • Lower temperature limit: 20ºC

  • Keep dry and under 60% humidity

  • Keep away from sunlight and radioactivity

  • Made in USA


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