Smart Thermometry and Disinfection Station
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Open your business with confidence with a Thermometry and Disinfection Station, ideal for private and public spaces with high traffic. Identify potentially sick employees, customers, and guests. Provide the ultimate peace of mind with respect to health and safety.

The Smart Thermometry and Disinfection Station is the newest and most innovative technology to fight the pandemic. It features an integrated channel that rapidly screens the body temperature, disinfects the full body, and sanitizes the hands of anyone who walks through the gate. No physical contact is required, as the screening and disinfection process is automated. Results are reliable, fast, accurate.


  • Manufacturer: Sunlife Technology USA

  • Model: B1 Model, WHCT-B1

  • FDA Registration Number 3016616833 

  • Wireless touch screen interface with swift profile setup

  • Live face recognition and storage of up to 10,000 faces. Artificial intelligence face recognition for employee records

  • Thermometry

    • Long-distance infrared thermal imaging module reads temperatures with or without face masks at ≤ 3.8 ft away

    • Real-time temperature reading appears on the LCD screen

    • Screening up to 60 people per minute with standard temperature deviation of +/- 0.5°F 

    • Records temperatures up to 113°F

    • Able to measure the temperatures of children

    • Any person with a fever will be flagged with a voice alert after which trained staff can intervene 

  • Dual disinfection methods

    • The ultrasonic atomization of food-grade ozone disinfectant kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. Spraying of the ozone disinfectant from overhead is automated to ensure full body disinfection

    • The included hand sanitizer dispenser allows individuals to sanitize their hands while passing through the station

  • Setup is easy. Ready for use within 5 minutes of setup

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 600 watts

  • Shipping Weight: 400 pounds

  • Shipping Dimensions: 3.6 ft x 3.6 ft x 7.8 ft

  • Item Dimensions: 2.6 ft x 3.6 ft x 6.5 ft

Where to Use

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Government buildings

  • Shopping mall entrances

  • Event venues

  • Food processing plants

Shipping & Returns

  • Free shipping within Atlanta metro area

  • Ships domestically and internationally

  • Final sale

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Thermometry and Disinfection Station at $15,000

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