Antibac Superomask


For all day freshness and odor resistance, we use innovative moisture wicking fabrics with antimicrobial silver ion technology.


Inspired by runway fashion, we design the antibac Superomask collection to have a tailored fit, elevated style, and beautiful functionality.

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The double layer construction of our waterproof antimicrobial fabric provides essential protection and advanced performance.

Created for all day comfort, easy breathability, and effortless speaking, you will not feel the urge to take off your Superomask in public except for dining. 

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Handcrafted in Atlanta, antibac Superomask is small batch production and made to order, for purposes of reducing our environmental footprint and committing to sustainability.

Stay healthy. Feel confident. Be fabulous.

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Embrace freedom.

Explore the new normal.

Yes, we are tired of 2020 too.